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The Awakened

Human Journey

Join the Awakened Human Journey

Welcome "The Awakened Human Journey" a transformative 5-month program curated by Aline Lage, a seasoned Kundalini Yoga and Meditation teacher, transpersonal counsellor, and energy and sound healer. Embark on a profound exploration of the psychology of the chakras, consciousness awakening, and the powerful technology of Kundalini yoga. This journey is designed for those seeking meaning beyond the superficial values of our culture and those eager to harness the transformative potential within.

Discover Your Path to Awakening and Self-Realization

Have you ever pondered the profound questions of the soul? Who am I? What is the purpose of life? Why are we here?


Have you ever wondered Why do I feel, think and act the way I do? what is the anatomy of human creativity and human destructiveness — the root of the invisible influences, both individual and collective.


This is perhaps the most crucial time in our history to delve deep into the meaning of your life, join us on the Awakened Human journey and be guided by the wisdom of transpersonal psychology and the transformative teachings of Kundalini yoga.


Meet Aline Lage - Your teacher on the Journey

Aline Lage, the heart and soul behind Meaningful Life, brings a wealth of experience and passion to guide you on your journey. As a lifelong student of spirituality, yoga, psychology, and consciousness, Aline has crafted a program that reflects her dedication to creating safe spaces for healing and transformation.

Aline's Perspective


"Life is a miracle unfolding with purpose. As a lifelong student of spirituality, yoga, and consciousness, I am committed to helping others on this human journey. The Awakened Human Journey is a blessing, a space for healing, transformation, and consciousness expansion."

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What is Included?

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5 Months Exploration

Immerse yourself in a comprehensive program spanning 5 months.

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Gong Baths

Experience the healing power of gong baths.

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30 Hours of Classes

Join our fortnightly classes, either in person or online.

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Comprehensive Handbook

Receive a handbook containing teachings and exercises for personal development.

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Recordings Access

Enjoy two years of access to class recordings, including kriyas and meditations.

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Supportive Community

Find a safe space to check in, share experiences, and build connections with like-minded individuals.

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Powerful Container for Transformation

Engage in a transformative container for healing, personal growth, and the pursuit of meaning.

Course Modules

1 - Models of Consciousness, Paradigms & The three major realms of Being

2 - Body Mind Heart congruence – The awakened human

3 - The chakra system as a road map to awakening and the path to Self-realisation


The realm of the Lower Unconscious and the Instinctual Self

4- Muladhara 

5- Svadhisthana 


Ego consciousness - The Greater Center of Power

6 – Manipura 


Heart Consciousness - The place of awakening

7 – Anahata 


The realm of the Higher Unconscious and the Transpersonal Self

8 - Vishuddha 

9 - Ajna 

10 – Sahasrara 


Kundalini Yoga is a powerful and ancient science, which was once held highly guarded and very secret. This yoga has the potential to heal and uplift anyone’s life for the better.

Ready to Awaken Your Potential? Join Us!

Join the waitlist to be notified when the next "The Awakened Human Journey" begins and secure your spot for transformative growth and exploration,

 Unlock the path to self-discovery, healing, and meaningful living.

Your journey starts here.


Enrol Now and Embrace the Awakening!



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