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“When you succeed in awakening the Kundalini, so that it starts to move out of its mere potentiality, you will necessarily start

a world which is totally different from our world. It is the world of eternity” – Carl Jung

What is Kundalini Yoga?


This ancient practice is being shared in modern times to help those who desire skills to cope with life’s stresses, challenges and changes. This practice is known as the yoga of awareness. It is a process whereby you balance and unfurl your body, mind and soul from blockages that hold you back from authentic expression and living a life in alignment with your true self. Kundalini yoga transmutes mental, physical and emotional energies through your body’s seven energy centres (chakras). 


The more you practise, the easier it becomes to expand your self-awareness and simultaneously tune into both the material and universal elements of life. 


The word Kundalini stems from the word Kundala, meaning ‘the curl of the hair of the beloved’. This energy is said to embody the soul’s nervous system, coiled in three and a half circles on muladhara (the first of the seven chakras). With dedication, the practice aids you to break through the blockage at the base chakra, allowing energy to travel upwards and reach the stage where you have access to superconsciousness, or a connection with source and all that is in this universe. 


Techniques used in kundalini yoga combine pranayama (breath control), mudras (hand positions), eye focus, mantras (sound vibrations through voice), bandhas (body locks) and asanas (postures).

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The benefits of kundalini yoga


Kundalini yoga is the fastest way to align the relationship between the body, mind and soul. It transforms how you see and live your life. Some of the main benefits you’ll experience are:


  • Physiological benefits - kundalini yoga helps to balance your glandular system, strengthens your nervous system, increases lung capacity and detoxifies the circulatory system

  • Life balance - with a dedicated practice, you may approach life with greater awareness, increased intuition and less suffering

  • Improved mental health - develop mental mastery, allowing for increased clarity, focus and stress management  

  • Enhanced spiritual connection - strengthen the relationships between your body, mind and soul. By approaching the practise with patience and respect, you will develop a better understanding of your higher self and your needs

  • It works quickly - The yogic scriptures describe Kundalini as one of the most efficient ways to create transformation and reach enlightenment. With a dedicated practise, you will experience obvious life changes

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