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Aline Lage Soul Therapy

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of Light,

but by making the darkness conscious” – Carl Jung

What is Soul Therapy?

Soul Therapy is a holistic therapy with an emphasis on spirituality. The purpose of this process is to look at a client's mental, physical, social, emotional, creative, and intellectual needs in order to facilitate healing and growth.

This therapy is designed to harmonise your inner spiritual life with your outer life by strengthening your personal relationship with truth, integrity, connection to self and the world around you. 


In this context, spirituality doesn’t refer to a specific religion or system of beliefs, it refers to a state of being whereby there is coherency within all areas of your life. To be coherent is to source a state of balance between what you think, feel and do; in essence, to have mind, body and heart functioning as one. 


As you commit to the process of Soul Therapy, you will have access to self mastery by developing an intimate relationship with yourself, your innate essence, and the earthly and esoteric aspects of life. You may find you understand all aspects of yourself better. You may develop a deeper respect for who you are and where you are in this incredible journey called life. 


As a result, you may embrace the authenticity of fully accepting and honouring who you are without wanting to be someone you’re not. This allows you to live in peace with life while confidently managing uncertainty and life challenges.

Soul Therapy Session, Holistic Healing

How does Soul Therapy work?

The process involves talk therapy, self-reflection exercises, meditation, visualisation, breathwork and energetic healing.


Expect each session to take anywhere between 1.5-2.5hrs. This is not a set program, rather, a unique partnership tailored for you and your needs. It’s strongly encouraged that you arrive open to the process of self reflection. This does not happen overnight and you will be guided safely throughout the process at a pace that respects where you are. 


Soul Therapy is not a miraculous program created to transform your life in one day. It requires your wholehearted commitment to the process and the self-discipline to foster deep, lasting change. Sessions are recommended fortnightly and a minimum of 6 sessions is advised.

How might I feel after a session?

Each client and each session is unique. Some days may leave you feeling contemplative, peaceful and quiet. Others may generate positive energy and an emotional release. One thing you can expect through this process is to gain greater clarity about where you’re coming from, where you’re headed and what your needs are. 


Eventually, with commitment, you will become more capable and confident in all areas of life.

Aline Lage, Soul Therapy, Transpersonal counselling, Holistic Healing

You will expand awareness of yourself and how you show up in your life and your relationships. Moreover, you will have an ability to face your fears, clear away mental and emotional clutter and shift negative thoughts, emotions, behaviours and reactions. 


Initial Session: $288 

Follow up sessions: $222 

60 mins online session: $155 (only for existing clients)

90 min session - Package of 6: $1,222 (paid upfront or send an email to to discuss the option of a payment plan). Valid for 3 months. 

After booking you will receive further information in order to get prepared for our time together. 

*If you are in a financially difficult situation and require help, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. We will format a plan that works for you.



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