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‘Every woman who heals herself helps heal all the women who came before her, and all of those who come after her’ ~ Christiane Northrup

Aline believes in the mighty power of women gathering together in circle to reconnect to wisdom, and to remember the experience of inner sacredness. 


She has been facilitating deeply transformational healing ceremonies for women for more than ten years and she dedicates herself to helping her community reconnect to their infinite, sacred and divine nature.


Aline’s teachings and offerings are grounded in lived spiritual knowledge and a devotion to the path of returning to the heart. 


Reawaken Your Goddess is a powerful shamanic healing circle designed for women, allowing you to return to your essential state of divine beauty and grace. 


Invoking the ancient practices of Bhakti and Kundalini Yoga, Shamanism, Pranayama, meditation and sound journeys, you will be invited to return to the sacredness that is divine feminine energy, reconnecting you with your essence and authentic self. 


Aline believes that we must return to the spiritual principles driving life - principles balanced by both divine feminine and divine masculine influences. The power of the divine feminine has been misunderstood, separated and forgotten. Without the power of this vital life force, we will continue to feel disconnected, unhappy, and even worse, pass along unhealthy and unbalanced beliefs and behaviours to our children. 


It is the perfect time for all women to come back into alignment with natural law and natural cycles within and with nature.  As we commit to refuelling feminine creativity and a sacred relationship with our earth, a new paradigm may be born.



Reawaken your goddess is not a traditional women’s sharing circle. It is a sacred space created where women gather to share a deeply healing ceremonial experience.


Upon arrival, you are invited to become an integral part of the collective healing ceremony. No personal sharing is required. Your presence is enough. The ceremony is entirely experiential whereby you will be guided through a series of practices developed to help you enter a deeply relaxed and connected space for personal healing. 


It is a known fact that when you connect with a group of like-minded individuals, the power of the unique healing experience is expanded and sustained in a way far more compelling than possible when done alone. 


Each healing circle is unique, developed intuitively based on those in the room and the energy of the season and day. You may be guided in yoga, meditation, chanting, mantra, sound and energy healing and various shamanic rituals. All levels are welcome. No previous experience required. 




  • Yoga mat

  • Cushion

  • Blanket

  • A scarf or eye pillow to cover your eyes

  • Water bottle

  • Anything you may require to feel comfortable lying down (Please be aware that the venue does not provide props)

  • Wear comfortable and warm clothing appropriate for both indoors and outdoors

Investment - $65


Refund Policy - We welcome your full commitment to attend. No refunds available at this time.

These circles typically sellout. Booking ahead is recommended. As necessary, please contact us to be added to the waitlist.

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