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Life is a miracle.

Life doesn’t happen by chance.

We have everything available to live a meaningful life.

Meaningful Life by Aline Lage

Are you ready to integrate Soul Therapy into your life?  
Are you ready to make lasting life changes?
Are you ready to live a life worth living?

Aline Lage

IntroducingMeaningful Life

Welcome, I’m Aline. I’m honoured to provide professional, alternative and complementary therapies to individuals who are open to exploring a spiritual and holistic approach to their healing journey and personal wellbeing. 


These sacred modalities have been developed to empower your purposeful journey to self, enhancing your meaning and participation in this extraordinary experience we call life.


Soul Therapy Services

Soul Therapy

Soul Therapy

A holistic therapy with an emphasis on spirituality. The purpose of this process is to look at a client's mental, physical, social, emotional, creative, and intellectual needs in order to facilitate healing and growth.

Energy Healing

Energy Medicine


A form of complementary and alternative medicine that aims to balance the energy flow in the human body.



Sacred spaces are created so communities may gather to work on individual healing using the power of the collective. Employing Kundalini, Sound & Energy Healing, Meditation, talk therapy, shamanic ceremonies and more.

“Every individual is divinely guided to the path of healing. Healing is the path to wholeness.

Wholeness is the dimension of the Soul”.  – Aline Lage 


We all have peace, courage, beauty, and love within us. The question is, how can we expand these elements into our daily lives? I believe that each of us are capable of restoring our own flow and creating the life we were born to live, and we aren’t meant to do this alone!


I know that life is enriched by a sense of deep connection to a Spiritual Self. I help people to connect with their inner spiritual life and innate essence, developing soul-awareness and a capacity to cope  with challenges to create a life that is worth living.

What a meaningful life is to me?

Aline Lage Soul Therapy, Holistic Healing, Holistic therapies, Kulandini

  • Living with a sense of wholeness by loving and accepting myself and others completely 

  • Waking up each morning with a feeling of peace, happiness and purpose

  • Feeling a sense of lightness and gratitude for the mystery of life

  • Living freely, from the heart and being guided by the intuitive inner voice

  • Being spiritually connected to the higher self, living consciously and in alignment

  • Making a positive impact on the world

  • Creating happier and stronger communities, including deeply genuine connections

  • Respecting and caring for nature 

  • Fearlessly expressing my authentic self

  • Having an inner knowing that I am living a life divinely meant for me


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